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Step 1:
Work through the Beginner Lessons and try to learn each exercise. You don’t have to play each exercise perfectly but try to play with the drum machine.

Step 2:
Once you have tried a range of lessons, split your practise into these lengths of time:

  • Scales / Finger Dexterity / Hand Coordination    5 - 10 MINS
  • Coda Piano Beginner Songs                            20 MINS +

Don’t try and play too many exercises in one go. Playing fewer exercises for longer will help you to develop more quickly, and you can vary the exercises you play over different days. It is often more fun to learn songs, so feel you are playing proper music. So it is also fine to start learning songs before you have tried all the Beginner lessons. You can always recap exercises to help you with tricky song sections.

Step 3:
It is ok to learn more than 1 song at a time. It can keep your learning interesting if you have 2 or 3 songs to change between. It can also be good for your playing if you are learning different songs in different styles, using different techniques. Once you have chosen which songs you are going to play, split your practise up into these lengths of time:

  • Warm up (vary exercises)  5 MINS
  • Song1                          10 MINS
  • Song2                          10 MINS
  • Song3                           10 MINS
When trying to perfect a song (being able to play the full structure up to speed), it is a good idea to spend most of your practise time on it. Try to imagine you are practising the song for a gig. You need to learn it well enough to perform in front of an audience, so try to play with as few mistakes as possible. Remember to keep checking the Beginner Lessons once a week (also the Starter lessons from time to time), to remind you of the correct way to play. This will help you avoid developing bad habits, and will be particularly useful if you are not receiving any face to face tuition.

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