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Coda Guitar Testimonals

"I like the way that you can learn different genres of music so there's something for everyone. The songs are catchy and fun. The lessons are very professional and work at a comfortable pace."
Jasmine Parkinson age 23 UK

"Coda is a seemingly bottomless resource, I've always found what I was after and it's delivered in a manner that's easy to follow. It's like having an 'on call' tutor which I think I would now struggle being without! Keep it up please and more of the same."
Tom Johnson age 28 UK

"The layout and navigation is straightforward and I like the overall design of the site. The graded lessons concept is fantastic and the access to buy songs is a great idea for progression. A great resource for musicians of any level."
C McEvoy Course Leader BTEC Level 3 Leeds College of Music UK

"I particularly like the schools package which could be good for those students who are really keen to learn but haven't got a teacher. I think teachers could even use the site with groups in the classroom as an introduction to playing music. The lessons seem easy to follow, and the links to Rockschool standards show how the site can benefit those already learning to play. I like the clear structure of the lessons, particularly for beginners, with focus on posture, riffs etc...makes it clear and easy for learners to choose what to work on."
J Love Course Leader Music and Music Technology Huddersfield New College UK

"The coda sites are a comprehensive teaching tool. Professional and easy to use, I look forward to using them both with my students at home and in schools. Aside from the quality of tuition, carefully structured to provide both challenge and security, the sites offer real potential for key stage 4 music pupils as a source of evidence for performance diaries. The best sites of their type that I have seen."
A Wibrew Specialist Curriculum Music Teacher Leeds UK

"The Coda songs inspired me to push my playing and develop my skill. At first I thought I wouldn't be able to play the songs, but with the lessons breaking them down into simple sections I soon improved, and before long I was playing along with the backing tracks. "
Andrew Wright age 47 UK

"Thanks for the web site. I have been using it for the past few weeks and I am finding it really good. You have made it very simple for beginners like myself. I'm really enjoying the lessons, they are very clear. Once again thank you and keep up the good work"
Beldev Birdi age 40 UK

"I've been directing students from my workshops to the coda sites so they can brush up on their skills each week outside of the sessions. Out of all the internet tuition sites I've seen I find Coda the most relevant and the easiest to use."
L Smith Creative Workshop Leader Greenmount Studios Leeds UK

"Playing tracks tailored to my ability has improved my skills, and is fun at the same time."
Colin Morris age 52 UK

"I like the mix of riffs and chords which make the songs interesting. They have helped my playing progress. "
Thomas Widdowson age 13 UK

"The Coda sites are great for aspiring musicians from absolute beginner to more experienced players. They covers all styles of music which means students will develop skills in different genres and become well rounded and informed musicians. I would highly recommend these sites to my students as they cover all the essential areas of playing. This also makes the sites good for more advanced or self taught players as it gives them a chance to brush up on technique and iron out any bad habits they may have picked up over the years. The Tools section is also be a great addition to the site with the diagrams, drum machine, and metronome. This will mean you can also practise without having to leave the site. Overall, excellent website for aspiring musicians."
L Cave Performance Tutor City and Islington College London UK

"We're thrilled with Luke's progress who only started 4 months ago. It has been fantastic to listen to him develop his skills, from the initial sounds to tunes in such a short space of time. He is not only playing but also beginning to read music. Luke is really enjoying his lessons. He is learning different styles at a pace which suits him, this has inspired his own taste in music."
Karen Hodgkinson parent of Luke age 11 UK

"The styles of the Coda Music pieces are varied and backing tracks are excellent giving me more incentive to learn them. My basic skills have really improved using these pieces. "
Elizabeth Holling age 14 UK

"Learning the beginner blues and classic rock songs enabled me to play something early on which started to sound half decent and encouraged me to keep up with the learning process.The starter songs make you feel like you are playing in a band and although when you first try them it freaks you out trying to keep up, they are thoroughly enjoyable.Also learning to play along to the drum machine is extremely good. Although scary to start with it does focus your playing."
Paul Smith age 55 UK

"The lessons are really good and interesting. The songs are challenging but fun to learn and I find that I pick it up quickly. "
Matthew Bartlam age 8 UK

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