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Level 1 Songs

Welcome to Coda Piano's Level 1 Songs. Here you can learn with Coda Piano’s exclusive song series presented at a realistic level for both pianists with 3 - 12 months experience, and those wishing to improve their basic technique. 

Different areas covered in the Level 1 Songs include: schools5_145_03riffs and melodies, scales and chords, hand coordination and more. The songs are presented in achievable arrangements for pianists wanting to improve their playing using the basic techniques essential for all modern styles. You can learn to play verses and choruses, and combine a range of playing techniques in interesting song structures.

Songs available through Coda Piano cover a wide range of styles including songs2_145rock, pop, indie, blues, funk, country and more. Our songs are designed to be learned alongside developing your playing in the Lessons section, and reflect the skills and experience required to play Rockschool songs at different grade levels. Once you’ve learnt one of Coda Piano’s songs you’ll find your playing has moved up to the next level!

You can buy a single song lesson for just £5.95

(£5.95 will normally pay for about 15 minutes of a face to face piano lesson!)

For this price you get:

  • A multi camera HD video lesson split into chapters

  • Step by step approach where every aspect of the song is broken down

  • 3 different practise speeds allowing you to learn at your own pace

  • Professional quality full band backing track

  • Printable PDF score

Why not make the most of Coda Piano’s discount packages:

£9.95 for 2 songs (saving £1.95)
£11.95 for 3 songs (saving £5.90 almost 1 free song)
£23.95 for 6 songs (saving £11.75 almost 2 free songs)

All purchases are protected by our 14 day money back guarantee

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